Modest Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Black is a fabulous color to use at weddings, it looks classy and elegant when combined with cream or gold, bright and fun when used with a little pink pop and it is also perfectly suited to every skin tones however blonde, brunette, black and even red heads will pull of it beautifully.

If you have bridesmaids that vary in age, a modest black dress with sleeves is more appropriate for the teens and above, but keep in mind if you have a big bust, the scoop or v neckline will he more flattering in provide the support you need.

Having bridesmaid dresses in different lengths is a great way to distinguish maid of honor or chief bridesmaid from the other bridesmaids, it’s also used when you have bridesmaids of significantly different ages/sizes/shapes and one length is better suited then the other for some. Today, we share some beautiful wedding photos from real weddings. We hope you love it all as much as we do!

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Black and Rainbow Wedding Ideas

Black and Rainbow Weddings

After setting the date and perhaps venue choosing colors is suddenly the next on you’re to do list! Never underestimate the importance of colors. Everything at weddings is usually color coordinated and this starts from the flowers, to napkins and dresses to favors, it can be a lot to think about, but when everything comes together of the big day you will see it was defiantly worth it.

If you can’t choose just one color? Rainbow-themed weddings have become trendy with unconventional, thrill-seeking brides who want their special day to be anything but cookie-cutter. If you’re hesitant to go full-force, add color in small doses, like with a fun confetti toss. Scroll down to the gallery below to get a dose of inspiration!

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Black and Rainbow Wedding cake

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Black Wedding Gown

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Black and Rainbow bridesmaid dress

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Black and White Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

If you want to design your wedding in some cool, amazing colors, a nice idea would be black and white. Black is a conservative color and goes well with almost any color except the very dark. It can be serious and conventional and can also be mysterious, sexy, and sophisticated.

The black and white color combination is very classy and elegant especially in this case when used so beautifully on some gorgeous silk satin dresses. Have a look at these chic designs and make sure to Pin your favorites!

Floor length black & white satin bridesmaid dresses

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Short length black & white satin bridesmaid dresses

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Black and Red Wedding Ideas

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If you love red: You operate by the M.O. that bold is always better. Passionate, fiercely loyal, impulsive, and a natural-born leader, odds are that your wedding will be de luxe and dramatic. As a warm color, the color red provides an attention grabbing effect; use it to set a confident, passionate mood to your wedding. Red is reminiscent of cupid the god of love but also the devil, a powerful evil enemy of god. In some cultures, red is the color of purity, joy, and celebration. In china red is the color of happiness and is said to believe good luck.

Red and black are awesome contrasting colors that make every decor pop! Many brides believe using such a dark color like black may be depressing or look too gothic but don’t fret, black is actually a very common and classic color used in weddings and if done correctly it will turn out just beautifully and elegantly. See the photos below!

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black and red plus size bridesmaid dress

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black & red wedding ideas-3

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