Beautiful Black Backout Bridesmaid Dresses

black backless bridesmaid dress

The fall wedding season is soon to begin and black is the most traditional Halloween wedding colour – for attire. If you want classics with a refined touch, go for a cutout back dress for your bridesmaid. Continue reading Beautiful Black Backout Bridesmaid Dresses

Plus Size Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Sensual, elegant, gorgeous! It’s all about black dresses. On your big day your girls need to be fashionable and chic too. The types of dresses can be various too from halter dress to A-line one. You can even mix and match various bridesmaid dress styles and make a unique style scheme. For example, A-line, draped, maxi or knee-length, strapless or sleeved ones, etc. It’s quite big choice and you have to pick up gowns according to your wedding theme and style of your wedding dress.

If your bridesmaids are in plus sizes, there are a few things to consider to make your girls feel comfortable and confident. Continue reading Plus Size Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Black Long Sleeves Maxi Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are going to have a romantic snowy wedding, how to dress your bridesmaids and how to keep them warm – which is essential in the winter – we are here to help you! Maxi gowns with long sleeves will help you to keep the girls warm, and besides long-sleeved gowns are lovely throwbacks for a vintage wedding.

Glittery dresses
Choose gowns with sequins and rhinestones to make a statement. If a sparkling gown is too much for your girls, try ones with just an embellished bodice and a plain skirt.

sequined black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-1

sequined black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-2

sequined black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-3

Velvet Dresses
Complete your girl’s look with a long velvet dress, popularized in the 1920s, they are perfect and elegant for a winter wedding.

velvet black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-1.jpg

velvet black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-2

Lace Dresses
Lace and lace appliques inspired by snowy flowers look stunning on bridesmaid dress. Black with silver or gold is a brilliant combo, so your girls can try a black dress with gold lace to stand out.

lace black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-1

lace black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-2

lace black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-3

lace black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-4

Lace, Bling and Black Wedding Ideas

Black wedding theme is always classic and elegant, it’s popular in any time because this color scheme makes anything stylish and to the point. Black, lace and bling is all that you need to be a trendy, fashionable and charming bride! Lace and bling are always gorgeously charming and work in pretty much any setting bringing air of elegance and beauty. Lace is makes it even softer, magical and exquisite. Elegance can be easily achieved with the help of blings and silver hues – tableware, utensils and napkin rings.

I think a black themed wedding doesn’t mean something Gothic, believe me, a black scheme is perhaps one of the most elegant for a bride. A white dress with black lace, fabric flowers or patterns is a cool idea, it looks very feminine, and many designers created wonderful gowns like that. If you don’t like too much black used, choose a white dress with a black sash, bow, a flower or any other detail that will attract attention keeping the dress very elegant. Don’t forget to add black accessories to make a statement: shoes, a clutch, gloves or some jewelry. You can rock both with a long or a short dress in this color scheme as they look equally beautiful.

Black with a good dose of shimmer and sparkle lifts the mood and truly shines. We’ve gathered a gallery for you filled with black, lace and bling ideas, take a look and maybe you’ll figure out it’s the best for you.

black lace and bling wedding ideas-1

black lace and bling wedding ideas-3

black lace and bling wedding ideas-2

black lace and bling wedding ideas-10

black lace and bling wedding ideas-4

black lace and bling wedding ideas-6

black lace and bling wedding ideas-5

black lace and bling wedding ideas-7

black lace and bling wedding ideas-8

black lace and bling wedding ideas-9

black lace and bling wedding ideas-11

Trendy Crop Tops Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Trends may come and go, but pictures last forever, particularly ones from your wedding (just trust us on this one)! So while you may think dressing your besties in the exact same thing or making them look like a skittles ad is cute today, what about five, ten, twenty years down the road? Will you still be digging the look? To avoid maid of honor dress regret, steer clear of these trends that are already on their way out.

Crop tops
The thing is, for a bunch of bridesmaids with completely different body types, this trend can sometimes look trashy if it isn’t done tastefully. Not to mention, some of your girls may be horrified or uncomfortable at the mere thought of having to wear a crop top on your big day. As for brides, well, the cropped trend is still going strong for 2016!

We’ve been searching for this modern and fun design for your besties among all of the wedding blogs and Pinterest boards and now you can see the most attractive and awesome ideas that we’ve found!

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-5

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-5b

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-1

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-1b

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-2

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-2b

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-3

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-3b

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-4

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-4b

Trendy Black and Cream-Colored Weddings for 2016

More brides are saying goodbye to the traditional white wedding and having fun with different color themed weddings. A big trend, especially among gothic and rock ‘n roll brides, is the black themed wedding. It’s a great way to incorporate mystic and elegant beauty into your wedding.

Brides are discovering less is more when it comes to their wedding color theme. All you need is one color or two colors to create a beautiful wedding. Cream color is one of the top trends for weddings for this year. Rather than sticking with the classic white wedding dress and brightly colored bridesmaid dress contrast, brides are finding that black with cream-colored bridesmaid dresses can add subtle beauty to the wedding party.

Black and cream is an ideal wedding palette and it’s suitable for almost any season and theme. These two colors are beautifully contrasting and very elegant, and you can easily create an amazing table setting using them. Take a look at the gallery below for more inspirational ideas and fall in love with this cool color scheme!

black and cream wedding ideas-1

black and cream wedding ideas-4

black and cream wedding ideas-3

black and cream wedding ideas-10

black and cream wedding ideas-2

black and cream wedding ideas-5

black and cream wedding ideas-7

black and cream wedding ideas-11

black and cream wedding ideas-6

black and cream wedding ideas-9

black and cream wedding ideas-8

Black Boho Wedding Ideas

black boho wedding ideas-16

Boho chic style is very popular these days and this wedding theme is ideal for any wedding at any time of the year. Boho weddings are a hit right now because they are stylish, relaxed and amusing. Many couples who don’t want any formal ceremonies choose it. Outdoor weddings and beach weddings are always super actual because it’s just a dream and so bright and fun!

Compared with gloomy gothic weddings, bohemian chic weddings are full of whimsical details, flowing dresses, layered and chunky jewelry, wild flowers and feathers, and a bride and groom whose look is relaxed and effortless. When you are thinking of black bohemian chic wedding ideas, don’t hesitate to choose various eye-catching details to rock black boho chic. Colorful flowers and tableware are a cool contrast for your black boho wedding theme, just check out these black bohemian chic wedding ideas for your gypsy inspired big day.

black boho wedding ideas-9

black boho wedding ideas-1

black boho wedding ideas-15

black boho wedding ideas-2

black boho wedding ideas-3

black boho wedding ideas-4

black boho wedding ideas-5

black boho wedding ideas-6

black boho wedding ideas-7

black boho wedding ideas-10

black boho wedding ideas-8

black boho wedding ideas-14

black boho wedding ideas-11

black boho wedding ideas-12

black boho wedding ideas-13


Black and Red Wedding Ideas

black & red wedding ideas-7

If you love red: You operate by the M.O. that bold is always better. Passionate, fiercely loyal, impulsive, and a natural-born leader, odds are that your wedding will be de luxe and dramatic. As a warm color, the color red provides an attention grabbing effect; use it to set a confident, passionate mood to your wedding. Red is reminiscent of cupid the god of love but also the devil, a powerful evil enemy of god. In some cultures, red is the color of purity, joy, and celebration. In china red is the color of happiness and is said to believe good luck.

Red and black are awesome contrasting colors that make every decor pop! Many brides believe using such a dark color like black may be depressing or look too gothic but don’t fret, black is actually a very common and classic color used in weddings and if done correctly it will turn out just beautifully and elegantly. See the photos below!

black & red wedding ideas-1

black & red wedding ideas-5

black and red plus size bridesmaid dress

black and red plus size bridesmaid dress-2

black & red wedding ideas-2

black & red wedding ideas-4

black & red wedding ideas-3

black & red wedding ideas-8

black & red wedding ideas-6

Beautiful & Breathtaking Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses

halloween weddings

It amazes me how quickly each year passes and although I’m amazed Halloween is fast approaching once again, I’m also starting to get excited about what to wear for this year’s party or even more exciting, this year’s wedding. There’s always one friend who chooses to marry in autumn and decide upon a harvest feast with a slightly spooky touch to the theme. Halloween weddings are spooky yet elegant, charming though frightening, it’s real dark romance!

The bridal gown is probably the most stunning outfit of such event but the bridesmaids should be well dressed, too! Halloween bridesmaids mostly choose dark colors to rock: black — it’s absolutely the leader. Glamorous gothic or soft gothic or vintage style look ideal for such cases. Dark elegance, stunning accessories and dramatic makeup will help you to finish the look. There are some beautiful Halloween bridesmaids dresses that impressed us most of all, and you can enjoy them below!

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-1

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-2

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-3

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-4

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-5

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-6

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-7

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-8

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-9

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-10

2016 Fashion – Stylish Black & White Lace Short Bridesmaids Dresses

Being a big lace lover, I can’t help myself falling in love with black lace motifs. Black isn’t the first color most brides choose for their weddings, but you’ll see that it can be a beautiful one. It can go glamorous and make a great alternative to black and white wedding or vintage look and become a perfect leading color for an outdoor wedding.

Lace, which is popular on ready-to-wear runways and red carpets and is one of the top picks for bridesmaid dress fabrics. You’ll see all lace dresses as well as part lace gowns where the bodice or skirt is paired with a complementary fabric.

We’ve gathered the most eye-catching options of new designs for you to get inspired. Just take a look at these pictures below and you’ll see how fabulous of these short bridesmaid dresses!

black&white lace bridesmaid dresses 2016-1

black&white lace bridesmaid dresses 2016-2

black&white lace bridesmaid dresses 2016-4

black&white lace bridesmaid dresses 2016-5

black&white lace bridesmaid dresses 2016-5

black&white lace bridesmaid dresses 2016-3