Black and Rainbow Wedding Ideas

Black and Rainbow Weddings

After setting the date and perhaps venue choosing colors is suddenly the next on you’re to do list! Never underestimate the importance of colors. Everything at weddings is usually color coordinated and this starts from the flowers, to napkins and dresses to favors, it can be a lot to think about, but when everything comes together of the big day you will see it was defiantly worth it.

If you can’t choose just one color? Rainbow-themed weddings have become trendy with unconventional, thrill-seeking brides who want their special day to be anything but cookie-cutter. If you’re hesitant to go full-force, add color in small doses, like with a fun confetti toss. Scroll down to the gallery below to get a dose of inspiration!

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Black and Rainbow Wedding cake

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Black Wedding Gown

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Black and Rainbow bridesmaid dress

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Beautiful & Breathtaking Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses

halloween weddings

It amazes me how quickly each year passes and although I’m amazed Halloween is fast approaching once again, I’m also starting to get excited about what to wear for this year’s party or even more exciting, this year’s wedding. There’s always one friend who chooses to marry in autumn and decide upon a harvest feast with a slightly spooky touch to the theme. Halloween weddings are spooky yet elegant, charming though frightening, it’s real dark romance!

The bridal gown is probably the most stunning outfit of such event but the bridesmaids should be well dressed, too! Halloween bridesmaids mostly choose dark colors to rock: black — it’s absolutely the leader. Glamorous gothic or soft gothic or vintage style look ideal for such cases. Dark elegance, stunning accessories and dramatic makeup will help you to finish the look. There are some beautiful Halloween bridesmaids dresses that impressed us most of all, and you can enjoy them below!

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-1

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-2

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-3

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-4

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-5

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-6

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-7

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-8

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-9

Halloween Bridesmaid Dresses-10