Black Allover Sparkly Bridesmaid Dresses

black sparkly bridesmaid dresses

No doubt your girls at your wedding should be stylish, elegant and chic! Picking up bling and sparkly dress. Long, embellished bridesmaid dresses, those beaded and sequined beauties are one of the most awesome current trends! These gowns really pop at any bridal party and look stunning, they really become the base of any absolutely gorgeous bridesmaid look. Continue reading Black Allover Sparkly Bridesmaid Dresses

Beautiful Black Backout Bridesmaid Dresses

black backless bridesmaid dress

The fall wedding season is soon to begin and black is the most traditional Halloween wedding colour – for attire. If you want classics with a refined touch, go for a cutout back dress for your bridesmaid. Continue reading Beautiful Black Backout Bridesmaid Dresses

Vintage Inspired Black & Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

A black dress with gold sequins, beading or lace patterns is a cool idea, bridesmaids look beautiful in black & gold dresses in any season, they are great not only for festive weddings but for any other – from retro 1920s inspired to modern ones. Choose various black dresses with different gold details as mismatched bridesmaids is the hottest trend and it helps to express the personality of every girl. If you don’t like too much black used, choose a neutral dress with a black sash, bow, a flower or any other detail that will attract attention keeping the dress very elegant. A gold sequined top with black skirt looks extremely elegant and stylish – you won’t regret to choose it for your vintage style wedding.

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-9

black and gold bridesmaid dresses9b

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-11

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-f

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-6b

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-2

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-3

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-8

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-7

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-10

black lace floor length dress Unique Jovani Black Dress Straples

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-14

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-13

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-a

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-5

black and gold bridesmaid dresses-4


Plus Size Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Sensual, elegant, gorgeous! It’s all about black dresses. On your big day your girls need to be fashionable and chic too. The types of dresses can be various too from halter dress to A-line one. You can even mix and match various bridesmaid dress styles and make a unique style scheme. For example, A-line, draped, maxi or knee-length, strapless or sleeved ones, etc. It’s quite big choice and you have to pick up gowns according to your wedding theme and style of your wedding dress.

If your bridesmaids are in plus sizes, there are a few things to consider to make your girls feel comfortable and confident. Continue reading Plus Size Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Black Long Sleeves Maxi Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are going to have a romantic snowy wedding, how to dress your bridesmaids and how to keep them warm – which is essential in the winter – we are here to help you! Maxi gowns with long sleeves will help you to keep the girls warm, and besides long-sleeved gowns are lovely throwbacks for a vintage wedding.

Glittery dresses
Choose gowns with sequins and rhinestones to make a statement. If a sparkling gown is too much for your girls, try ones with just an embellished bodice and a plain skirt.

sequined black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-1

sequined black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-2

sequined black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-3

Velvet Dresses
Complete your girl’s look with a long velvet dress, popularized in the 1920s, they are perfect and elegant for a winter wedding.

velvet black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-1.jpg

velvet black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-2

Lace Dresses
Lace and lace appliques inspired by snowy flowers look stunning on bridesmaid dress. Black with silver or gold is a brilliant combo, so your girls can try a black dress with gold lace to stand out.

lace black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-1

lace black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-2

lace black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-3

lace black long sleeves maxi bridesmaid dresses-4

Black Flutter Sleeves Bridesmaid Dresses for Big Girls

black flutter sleeves bridesmaids

No doubt your girls at your wedding should be stylish, elegant and chic! A black dress is the most elegant outfit for a girl, according to Coco Chanel, and we can’t help but agree with that. Such a dress for the bridesmaids is ideal and suitable for every wedding style – from a rustic barn one to a formal and refined, and don’t forget that dark colors make you look thinner and can hide the disadvantages. Today I want to share one more wonderful outfit idea for your bridesmaids, especially for full-figured girls. If you would like to add some flirty touches to your bridesmaids’ looks, then choose absolutely beautiful dresses with flutter sleeves for them. Flutter sleeves can make bridesmaids’ looks more girlish, fun and stylish. So how about this idea? Let’s find out how your girls can wear them and what types of dresses with flutter sleeves they can choose.

If you decided that your bridesmaids would wear maxi dresses, pay your attention to chiffon ones, with flutter sleeves they look very cute and airy. Mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses will always be in trend, and if you want to highlight your maid of honor or just show the character and style of each girl, this variant is for you. To keep your girls’ figures proportional and visually make them slim and tall, they should always wear heels or classic pumps with maxi dresses. Doesn’t matter what type of maxi dresses you’ll choose (A-line, slim line, mermaid, etc.), your bridesmaids will look awesome!

You need to know that you can also choose the length of sleeves. They can be short, half and three quarter. So if your dresses will have puffy lower part or too many decor details, then pick up short sleeves, but if your dresses have mini length and are straight, then you can experiment with the length of sleeves. So if you’ve found this type of dresses interesting for you, then scroll down to see more inspiring, elegant and lovely ideas. Let your bridesmaids be gorgeous!

black flutter sleeves bridesmaids dresses-1

black flutter sleeves bridesmaids dresses-2

black flutter sleeves bridesmaids dresses-3

black flutter sleeves bridesmaids dresses-4

black flutter sleeves bridesmaids dresses-6

black flutter sleeves bridesmaids dresses-7

black flutter sleeves bridesmaids dresses-8

black flutter sleeves bridesmaids dresses-9

Glitzy Black Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

I think you know that color is very important for every wedding, because it sets the right atmosphere. So if you want to have a stylish modern wedding, why not bring the drama when it comes to your wedding day attire? And today I want to talk about black sequin bridesmaid dresses.

There’s nothing like sequins to say modern glamour! Fabulous matte metallic and chic structured dresses are the perfect picks for a bridal party with modern day style. Sheath dresses dripping in sequins or deconstructed lace gowns will add some serious romance to a simple silhouette. Keep hair sleek, jewelry oversized, and blooms simple to complement the full on sparkle!








Black Wedding Ideas – Rock and Roll Theme

rock and roll bride

We continue telling you about black weddings, and now it’s time for rock ‘n’ roll brides. If you love rock,  you are an alternative couple, it’s time to rock this stuff! Black is good choice for such a wedding: a black wedding gown, black lace, black shoes or flowers, touches of black in decor will help you to create a mood. Pay attention to your bridal look: bold hair, converse, a leather jacket, a crazy hairstyle and a dress showing up your tattoos will be right what you need. Name tables as your favorite groups, use whisky bottles or skulls instead of vases, a guitar may become your guest book. So, if you are a crazy rock fan, just be yourself and you’ll be the hottest! Than scroll down to take a look at these creative ways to join your wedding decor and love of music together in perfect harmony.

rock n roll black wedding ideas-16

rock n roll black wedding ideas-11

Photographs from the wedding of Mike Villa and Ashley Borg

rock n roll black wedding ideas-8

rock n roll black wedding ideas-12

rock n roll black wedding ideas-14

rock n roll black wedding ideas-15

rock n roll black wedding ideas-7

rock n roll black wedding ideas-9

rock n roll black wedding ideas-10

rock n roll black wedding ideas-3

rock n roll black wedding ideas-1

rock n roll black wedding ideas-2

rock n roll black wedding ideas-6

rock n roll black wedding ideas-4

rock n roll black wedding ideas-5

Black Printed Hawaiian Bridesmaid Dresses for Summer Wedding

Hawaiian wedding theme-black

Darlings, if you’re tired of cold winter, today’s shoot is gonna transfer you far, far away to the sunniest Hawaii! It’s such a divine place to get married or spend a honeymoon!

Summer is identical with beach. And, the best beach to have your destination wedding is of course Hawaii. People want to go there to get little contamination with sunlight after getting through a year without the sun. Besides, warmth is also offered there. No wonder, couples like having their nuptials there. Before going to Hawaii, to make your wedding party more cheerful, you have to think about the costume. Hawaiian dressing style offers cheerfulness and happiness because the costumes are presented in vibrant colors and tropical motifs. It seems like bridal fashion designers love this tropical motifs too. If you just want an alternative but causal wedding, dressing your besties in black printed Hawaiian styles or wearing dresses in the same color yet all different styles will be a great choice.

Dreaming of a chic destination wedding? Get inspired with the photos, they’re gorgeous enough to convince you to have a destination soiree.

Hawaiian wedding dress

Hawaiian wedding theme-1

Hawaiian wedding theme-2

black printed hawaiian bridesmaid dresses-5

black printed hawaiian bridesmaid dresses-1

black printed hawaiian bridesmaid dresses-4

black printed hawaiian bridesmaid dresses-2

black printed hawaiian bridesmaid dresses-6

black printed hawaiian bridesmaid dresses-3





Trendy Crop Tops Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Trends may come and go, but pictures last forever, particularly ones from your wedding (just trust us on this one)! So while you may think dressing your besties in the exact same thing or making them look like a skittles ad is cute today, what about five, ten, twenty years down the road? Will you still be digging the look? To avoid maid of honor dress regret, steer clear of these trends that are already on their way out.

Crop tops
The thing is, for a bunch of bridesmaids with completely different body types, this trend can sometimes look trashy if it isn’t done tastefully. Not to mention, some of your girls may be horrified or uncomfortable at the mere thought of having to wear a crop top on your big day. As for brides, well, the cropped trend is still going strong for 2016!

We’ve been searching for this modern and fun design for your besties among all of the wedding blogs and Pinterest boards and now you can see the most attractive and awesome ideas that we’ve found!

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-5

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-5b

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-1

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-1b

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-2

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-2b

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-3

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-3b

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-4

crop tops black bridesmaid dresses-4b