Soft Gothic Wedding Ideas

goth wedding

Halloween is close and dramatic weddings just can’t be more popular than now. If you’ve chosen Halloween theme but don’t want to go for all those red and black vampire and Addams-inspired things, try soft Gothic! Soft Gothic is amazingly chic and stylish: it’s like a Goth affair but more glam and refined. Go for an elegant black wedding gown, smoky eyes, black nails and adorable black lace shoes. If you aren’t ready for a total black look, choose a black gown with blush, silver or nude. Add rhinestones, lots of accessories for a boho feel or black lace gloves for an exquisite touch. Black and gold is another chic combo for a soft Gothic big day, it’ll give your wedding a stylish art deco touch. Look at the pics below and get inspiration!



Brownsholme Hall Shoot

black wedding dress

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gothic wedding ideas

gothic lace wedding gloves

Hallowedding shoes