Beautiful Shoes for Bridesmaids in Black

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Matching bridesmaid shoes fitting everyone’s style may be hard to find. However, if you are considering to have all girls in black dresses on your big day, it will be easier to find perfect pair of shoes to go with their dresses. Since the black is a neutral color, it matches with all kinds of colored shoes. You could choose different styles of black shoes, different bright colored heels or shoes to match with the color of your wedding theme. Even to wear flats, boots or a pair of Converse sneakers if that’s more your style.

As a bridesmaid, you can definitely wear your shoes again and again after the wedding. You can just wear your stunning heels if your dress is a simple black gown. If it’s an outdoor wedding in summer day, leather sandals would be a great choice. If your bridesmaids will wear simple plain black dresses and you want your ladies’ shoes pop out on your big day, considering about simply bright heels, printed sandals, shiny shoes, shoes with little bows or strappy heels. Here are fabulous shoes for the bridesmaids:


bow shoe

coloful shoes


strappy shoes